Port of Dover

About Dover, Guide and Tourist Attractions
(Dover, Kent, England, UK)

Dover is not only Britain's main port town it is also a major tourist destination, best known for its distinctive white cliffs and historical offerings.

The city has a bustling continental feel owing to the influx of daily European travellers, and there is a wealth of attractions and amenities that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

What to do in Dover

England is the supplier of about 87 per cent of the world's chalk and the dazzling white cliffs are testament to this impressive statistic. They are Dover's biggest attraction and can be seen from the water as well as during a cliff walk. The Pencester Gardens, near Dover Castle, provide respite from the city and offer pleasant walking and stunning views of the castle.

Tourist Attractions

Dover has plenty of other appealing attractions besides the awe-inspiring white cliffs. These include the popular Dover Castle, which boasts a Norman Keep and Roman Lighthouse. The Roman Painted House, which was the official 'hotel' for Roman soldiers, is worth a visit, while those interested in World War II will find plenty of war tunnels throughout the city.

Dover has many interesting ancient buildings in the city centre such as the early 13th century Maison Dieu building. This features intricate stained glass windows and is also Dover's Town Hall. The Old Town Gaol and St Edmunds Chapel are close by, while the excellent Dover Museum can be found in the town centre near the tourist information office.

The city centre of Dover is fully pedestrianised and features excellent shopping and dining options. There are numerous cafés, bars and pubs all helping to create a lively nightlife. Market Square and Castle street offer fantastic shopping and eating, with the much revered Charlton Shopping Centre beyond Maison Dieu on High street.

Dover Port

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